Consumer Guidelines on Memory Card Erasure Data Security in Card Disposal and Transfer

July 2003
Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA)
PC Card Technical Committee

1 Introduction
2 Basic Issues for the Memory Card Vendor Industry
(a) Deletion of data from a memory card is ultimately the user's responsibility.
  (b) It is also important for memory card vendors to help make consumers aware of data erasure issues and their significance.
  (c) It is difficult for memory card vendors alone to educate the public adequately about these issues. The multi-faceted cooperation of related companies is necessary.
3 The Issues for Consumers
4 Support for Data Eraser Software and Services
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Technical Analysis of Data Erasure Issues
  1.Internal Memory Format
2.How Data Recovery Works
3.Preventing Data Recovery
4.More Reliable Data Erasure Methods
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